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Would you like some beer with that weed?

by Nat Salgueiro October 25, 2018

Would you like some beer with that weed?

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With marijuana now being legalized in Canada, we at the Brew Box thought we
d take a look at some brews that will enhance your smoke session.

There are a few things you need to consider before you blaze, vape or toke.

Dry Mouth, or the dreaded Pasties

You will be wanting a brew that will help to keep the cottonmouth monster at bay. Any of these will do.

Styles: Lagers, Pilsners, Saisons and Blondes

Throat Irritation

If you have an especially harsh strain or are new to smoking, you will likely feel the effects on your throat. Here are some beers that will help coat your mouth and throat to help soothe that irritation.

Styles: Stouts and Porters

 Curb the Munchies

With smoking, the munchies are inevitable. Instead of trying to guess your snack of choice and a beer pairing, were going to go a different route and recommend some beers and styles that may help curb those eating desires by helping you feel a little full.

While a large portion of people find Stouts and Porters more filling, we also recommend trying beers with a higher carbonation, which will also help you feel full.

Styles: Porters and Stouts

Whatcha smokin

One last thing to take into consideration is the type, or "strain", youre smoking.


If youre enjoying an Indica strain which are known to produce a physical “body” high and is ideal for relaxing, calming, meditative properties and is often used for pain relief. We suggest something with higher abv to sip and enjoy over a period. As time passes these beers open up as they raise in temperature.

Style: Sipping beers like Stouts and Porters


With a Sativa strain, which are known more for their uplifting and cerebral effects, we still suggest a low abv as not to lose, muddy or cloud that feeling.

Style: Lagers, Pale Ales or lower abv beers


For Hybrid strains, it all comes down to the dominant strain in the bud.

Ultimately, it’s down to personal choice, but you do run the risk of being “couch locked” (not wanting to move or do anything) when drinking a higher abv with an Indica-dominant strain.

As always, please enjoy responsibly and dont ever think to drink (or smoke) and drive.

Nat Salgueiro
Nat Salgueiro


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