Brewery Maintenance

Tips to Keep Your Brewery RunningDescription

Brewing is an art while the business a science.

The science behind the brewing business requires precise temperatures, special ingredients, caustic chemicals, well-maintained machinery, and utmost safety.

Breweries invest in specialized systems and equipment ranging from fermenting tanks to kettles. The specialized machines control temperature and ingredients.

A successful craft brewery conducts regular maintenance to run its machinery safely and properly. It hires employees with the right training or experience in brewery maintenance.

With machine maintenance, your brewery runs successfully and your employees work under safe conditions.

The brewing journey is constant, hence the need to do maintenance and improve efficiency. Here’re 6 tips to keep your brewery running:

Top 6 Brewing Maintenance Tips for Your Business

Consider the following tips to keep your brewery running:

  1. Buy spare parts for emergencies

Make sure you have spare parts available for quick and easy repairs. Create a list of all the parts your brewery needs.

Organize the parts in high, average, and low demand categories. Buy high demand for spare parts and keep them for emergency breakdowns.

With average and low demand spare parts, you can easily get them on time if you anticipate to use them soon. Inspect brewery machinery and equipment that use average and low demand parts to make sure that they keep working.

  1. Schedule regular inspections and invest in repair tools

Inspect your brewery machinery and equipment regularly to ensure your craft beer plant keeps running. It’s also a great way to discover issues before they cause serious problems.

Inspect pumps, calendrics, and steam jackets every two weeks to unearth hidden issues.

Invest in repair tools for your brewery if you intend to employ a technician for repairs. You may need woodworking tools to repair wooden components of your brewery.

For instance, the best cordless circular saws are powerful and efficient. What’s more, they’re convenient to transport around your brewery.

  1. Cleaning kettles

Craft beer production requires clean kettles.

Schedule preventative cleaning to save on costs and time. It also keeps your brewery running efficiently and smoothly.

  1. Transport safety

Forklifts help your workers get around your brewery.


It can create a false sense of safety.

Mark paths for pedestrian and forklift traffic to increase visibility. If necessary, utilize physical barriers as marks.

Inspect alarms and lights on all forklifts to ensure they’re functioning. Make sure there’s good verbal communication between pedestrians and forklift operators in your brewery for enhanced safety.

  1. MSDS sheets


All employees need access to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) as OSHA requires.

The sheets contain information on:

  • Concentrations
  • Ingredients
  • What to do in case of spillages or chemical-skin contact
  • Safe handling procedures.

Annual audits ensure the update of your information.

  1. Employees’ training safety

Breweries are full of potential hazards, making it essential to train your new employees.

List what new workers need to know, and schedule for training. Schedule for periodical refresher courses to keep employees up-to-date with safety procedures.

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