Brew Box Community

Brew Box is a bar and restaurant that serves Italian dishes and drinks to our customers. It also serves local meals and brews to suit the unique needs of customers. We use locally-produced foods and ingredients to prepare delicious Italian delicacies.

Welcome to our community of Craft Beer lovers. Come and explore all that Ontario Craft Brewers have to offer.


Quotes to prove the love of beer in Ontario 

A reveler in a famous restaurant shouts at a visitor who insists on a different alcohol brand saying, “You don’t know what you need in an alcohol beverage; you must be a beginner in drinking hard drinks”

“I can’t buy any other brand of alcohol apart from Canadian beer; I would rather deal with alcohol thirst” A quote from a Canadian living in the United States.


The love of beer in Ontario is a collective responsibility from both the Province – in terms of policy– and the people to enhance the culture and heritage of the drink. If you are looking for an example of where the state supports local business then Ontario is the province to do a benchmark.