Brew Box Bar serves all kinds of craft beer in Canada. You’ll want to make a stopover at the site for a try at one of the drinks in stock.

15 Types of Craft Beers You Can Find In Canada

1. Pilsner

Located at Brunswick Bierworks in Ontario’s Toronto, Ace Hill Beer is the company behind Pilsner. It’s the company’s OG cold beer. Offering a combination of noble hops and quality Old World grains to give you a crisp European style lager. It’s smooth and easy to drink.

2. Blueberry Blonde

Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Broadhead Brew Co. is the brand behind the Blueberry Blonde with a fruity taste. The company boasts two large noggins it uses to brew the seasonal beer with berry punch. You’ll want to bust out the drink’s left-field flavor when visiting Ontario.

3. Southern Light

Located in Langton, Ontario, Hometown Brew Co. is the brand behind Southern Light. The craft beer is a sessionable Belgian ale with a malty sweet flavor and American wheat hints taste

4. British IPA

Located in Vancouver’s British Columbia neighborhood, Strathcona Beer Company is the brand behind this craft beer. The company was named after its location. The beer boasts a dry finish with a good balance of hop and malt, making it a great beer to try.

5. Grasshopper Kristallweizen

Located in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto, the Big Rock Brewery is the brand behind this craft beer. Whether you’ll be enjoying one at the poolside or in the prairies, the beer is bound to impress your taste buds with a balance of its soft sweetness, bread-y notes, and fruity flavor. The filtered wheat ale will quench your thirst

6. KickSled Cream Ale

Located in Yellowknife, NWT Brewing Company is brand behind KickSled Cream beer. The award-winning drink has some Aurora magic, atop being sessionable. You’ll enjoy this craft Canadian malt beer with a creamy head on a hot day in summer.

7. Wheat Burst 

Located in Saskatchewan, Black Bridge Brewery is the brand behind the Wheat Burst craft beer. It’s fruity and hoppy.

8. Kalm Session Ale

Located in Toronto, Ontario, Lost Craft Brewery is the company behind the beer. Kalm has a summer flavor. The session ale is brewed with mango fruits for a refreshing, fruity flavor you’ll enjoy by the lake.

9. Working Class Hero Dark Mild

Located in Chemainus, British Columbia, Riot Brewing Co. is the brand behind the Working Class craft beer. The brand’s Hero Dark Mild drink won the 2018 World Beer Cup-winning oat soda. You’ll enjoy the beer’s subtle roasted malt flavor and fall in love with its deep amber color after a long day. It has a tasty flavor and comes in an appealing pack.

10. Juxtapose Wild IPA

Located in the West Coast, Four Winds is the company behind this beer. The tropical fruity flavor with a bitter hint is worth a try when visiting Ontario.

11. Verruca Salted Brownie Oatmeal Stout

Located in Ontario, Bench Creek Brewing is the brand the Brownie Oatmeal Stout craft beer. The alpha beer has caramel brownie flavor with chocolate-like taste. You’ll enjoy drinking this beer one after another.

12. Njordr

Located in Ontario, North Brewing Company in partnership with Four Winds, brew this craft beer. The double-fermented craft beer is of Nordic style. Sea buckthorn berries and juice from local sources are used in the fermentation process. Chamomile is used to condition the beer for a better flavor.

13. Greenwood IPA

Located in Dinger city, Left Field Brewery is the company behind Greenwood IPA beer. The pale gold beer is refreshing with a fruity flavor you’ll find tasty.

14. Kolschlaga

Located in Montreal, Ontario, L’Espace Public is the brand behind this beer. It uses double-fermentation to produce this blonde beer. It has mild pilsner malt taste with aromatic cereal and fruity touch.

15. Rattlesnake RyePA

Located in Ontario, Tobermory Brewing Co. is the brand behind the RyePA beer. The drink is brewed in small batches without preservatives or additives and gives it specialty flavor. The drink has a bitter orange taste with pints of pine and a spicy rye taste.