Visit any Canadian bar; you can’t fail to notice the absence of an empty glass of beer on a table of any reveler. It is an unwritten rule, bartenders know how to fill it once they sense the liquid is almost finished. Just like you may love your coffee, Ontarians love their Canadian beer– the favorite brand.

Beer in North America has a rich history. Some of the German immigrants were renowned brewers. It is a generational inheritance by both the migrants and natives. Before we look at the reasons why Canadians love the bottle, let’s get some of the interesting facts about beer in this province

It is a popular drink-45 percent of income from beer sales
Beer supports the Canadian economy
Canadian and American beer is the major beer brands loved by Canadian residents
They promote their own brand Canadian beer
Beer production started way back before civilization
An empty beer glass is a disorder
Brewing and malting started in Canada

With these interesting facts, beer brewing is a legacy that has its history from the traditional to the modern brewers. Similarly, other reasons that explain the love of the bottle among Canadians.

The prices are low compared to other provinces

You make a comparison of prices of commodities before tax. One notable fact is that Ontario has the lowest beer prices before tax compared to other provinces. The main reason for this is the effective and efficient beer store system responsible for price regulation.

The moment a commodity is affordable, the supply exceeds demand making it common among buyers.

The notion that beer is left for the rich does not apply in Ontario.

The common beverage that dates back to pre-colonial age
The brewing of beer dates back to the 16th century. The first brewers were the European settlers. It means that Canadian beer is part of culture and tradition. A country’s cultural heritage is a form of identity.

In fact, beer is the most consumed beverage compared to other alcoholic drinks. The settlers preferred Canada as their brewing home due to the cold climate favorable for the brewing process.

Stronger beer than other brands like American beer

Since this is the part of the continent that started the brewing process; they have developed their own brand. There is a high level of patriotism among Canadians. They prefer to buy their own brand which of course is sweet and also well-sought countrywide.

In business, the moment you have the demand from the local market, then your level of production also increases (supply).
It’s readily available at an affordable price
In a market where there are many options, there is no need to go the extra mile to look for a brand. The cultural heritage is a contributing factor to the love of Canadian beer among Ontarians. Without the tax, it is the cheapest beverage in the entire World.

Ontario beer production companies maintain a low price despite the high taxes on alcohol products. In fact, a beer restaurant is lucrative in Ontario than any other province. It explains the high number of beer companies and restaurants available to the residents.

Moreover, the high number means there is competition for the customers. Do you want to have a cheap and high-quality beer? Take a trip to Ontario Canada.

It drives the economy

Without beer and its indirect employment, Canadians economy may collapse within months. The beer industry plays a significant role in improving the economy of the nation. This is a fact that the residents know too well. To them, drinking beer is building the economy.

Who wants an economy to collapse when the solution is in their hands?

Efficiency in the beer retailing and distribution system

In Ontario, the alcohol regulating body Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO) is responsible for all the retail and distribution process. There are two parallel retail and distribution systems all controlled by the board.

Micro businesses have the authority to distribute directly to the retailers. Moreover, the body issues specific licenses when you want to distribute beer to Ontario from other provinces. It is not free trade. It is a way of cushioning the Ontario businesses from unnecessary beer wars fought many decades ago.

The high-quality of the drink

There is no room in Ontario for low-quality drinks. What do you think of consumers when you have an affordable high-quality beer? The beer regulatory body takes precaution and set high standards for the kind of beer you send to the market.

Once you are in Ontario, then here is the list of the common Canadian beer brands available in the market? What proves that it is a beverage worth your time?