Top Places to Drink Craft Beer in Ontario Canada

Get Well in Little Portugal

The arcade bar boasts a rotating beer list ranging from can to bottle to tap craft beer. With over 13 types of beer served, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Enjoy your beer at the site while playing vintage video games in a quirky retro décor.




Bar Hop Brewco in the Entertainment District

Bar hop has multiple craft beer warehouses across Canada. Brewco is the brands largest joint with close proximity to Scotiabank Arena, downtown, and Rogers Center.
It serves over 36 local and international craft beers and has a seating capacity of 100 people.




The Only Café in Danforth

Having been in business for over three decades, The Only Café stocks over 230 bottles and at least 25 types of local craft beer. Choose from local and international brews.




Birreria Volo in Little Italy

Bar Volo is a premier craft beer site that serves ciders, rustic ales, and natural wines, among other craft beers. It also serve Italian-inspired “cucina povera” snacks with the beers.




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